Art House Dallas wanted an engaging video that would appeal to both creatives and donors that could give an overview of the organization. Second, they wanted four vignettes of a few of the individuals that make up the larger whole of the tight-knit community.

With a mission to "Cultivate Creativity for the Common Good," Art House Dallas is a non-profit that aims to inspire everyone to live more imaginative meaningful lives. They accomplish this through their programs, curated events, community partnerships and artist care.

For Art House Dallas, we were able to embrace the creative moments and let them sit on screen for longer. Whether that was super slow motion of a guitar being played or a paintbrush swirling, we aimed to capture the beauty of the creative process and participate in it ourselves.

"I'm guys did such a great job on all of these."

- Cary Pierce, Executive Director (Art House Dallas)

Client: Art House Dallas

Use: Promotional, Web, Live Event, Fundraising