RMG Doin' Work...

Matt Poynor      Employee of the month

Matt Poynor

Employee of the month

Revolution Media Group has had quite a busy last two weeks. Within a span of six days, we filmed videos for three new clients: Amarillo Independent School District, Amarillo Fellowship Church, and Evocation Coffee Roasters.  

Monday, our filming began with Amarillo Independent School District's $99.45 Million Bond Election video. We shot footage of several different campuses around Amarillo, and interviewed students ranging from kindergarteners to high school seniors. The interviews were one of the most enjoyable parts of the shoot. We were amazed by the talent of such young kids, even a third grader broke out in song for us! Not to mention, most of them had us laughing during their entire session from telling us jokes and their most embarrassing moments. Maneuvering from classroom to classroom with carts full of camera equipment was trying to say the least, but our grip, Matt Poynor, had us in and out in no time. So, congratulations Matt on being the first ever RMG Employee of the Month!

For Amarillo Fellowship Church, we filmed testimonial interviews with several members of the congregation and staff. We will also be shooting a conceptual campaign video with them that is in the pre-production phase. We're so excited about our new partnership with Amarillo Fellowship, and can't wait to be apart of their future endeavors.


Our week wrapped up with a promotional video shoot for Evocation Coffee Roasters. Co-owners Roman and Amy took us behind the scenes where we got a first look at the entire process of roasting. Filming for Evocation was a great experience (the complimentary cups of delicious coffee didn't hurt...), and we're excited to be apart of a thriving business in our hometown.