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 There's more to sales than having a quality product - you must tell your audience a story and show them how the product can increase their quality of life. This takes nuance, strategy and an emotional connection. We've partnered with businesses to help them market things like new technology, medical services, construction contracting and even gourmet cheese. Whether you're selling a product or service, we will engage your audience and motivate them to convert. 

Below You Can Find:

Construction Industry - Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors

Retail / Grocery - Central Market (HEB)

Medical - Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers

Technology - Truno


Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors

Integrity, excellence and hard work is not only what Hill & Wilkinson is known for, but what they found working with us.

When it came time for one of the most respected general contractors in Dallas to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, they called Fold Studios to help them celebrate. We handled all aspects of their videos, whether it was recapping their 50th year, interviewing their subcontractors or gathering testimonials from their clients, Fold Studios created excellent internal and external marketing for this great company.


Central Market (HEB)

With a Fold Studios video, Central Market was able to show their commitment to craftsmanship in a farm-to-table video spotlight.

Central Market, a  growing concept of grocery giant H.E.B., is a nine location grocery store chain based in Texas that aims to make food shopping a culinary adventure by: "providing unparalleled products and outstanding customer service all at the right price." With a 2016 "Cheese Party", the Central Market team needed a unique way to highlight their partnership with the small artisan cheesemakers: Lovera's Market. It was important for Central Market to not just tell their customers that they are connected with their small and independent producers, but to show them too. We captured the faces and small-town culture that continues to make Central Market a place of shopping and culinary excellence.



More than just Point-of-Sale, Fold Studios showed the full picture of Truno’s technology.

 Using slick graphics interlaced with stylistic footage, we were able to position Truno as a whole-store innovative solution. We wanted to illustrate how running a grocery store is an extremely busy and detail-oriented task, while at the same time showing how Truno technology has it all under control for their clients so that they can maximize their margins.


Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers

Whether you want to capture emotional patient testimonials or just introduce the public to you and your practice, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers strives to provide their patients with the best possible care utilizing the most up to date procedures and the latest technology available. Their clinics are quickly growing from their Arizona base to locations nationwide. CICC partnering with Fold Studios represents a new kind of medical advertising. Medical marketing is no longer about fake smiles and stock footage in thirty seconds, but instead customers want to know that their doctors are experts that care about them as people. What better way to do this, than by talking with the patients themselves about their great experiences? By showcasing the success of CICC's care through their patients, CICC is showcased as a provider that puts their patients first - providing effective and purposeful medical care.


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