With a 2016 "Cheese Party", the Central Market team needed a unique way to highlight their partnership with the small artisan cheesemakers: Lovera's Market. With a Fold Studios video, Central Market was able to show their commitment to craftsmanship in a farm-to-table video spotlight.

Central Market, a  growing concept of grocery giant H.E.B., is a nine location grocery store chain based in Texas that aims to make food shopping a culinary adventure by: "providing unparalleled products and outstanding customer service all at the right price."

It was important for Central Market to not just tell their customers that they are connected with their small and independent producers, but to show them too. We captured the faces and small-town culture that continues to make Central Market a place of shopping and culinary excellence.

I think it is really great! Thanks for turning it around so quickly.

- Megan Edwards, Director of Marketing  (Central Market)

Client: Central Market (H.E.B. Foods)

Use: Promotional, Web, Social Media

Additional Collaborators:

Photography: Michael Clouser