Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers strives to provide their patients with the best possible care utilizing the most up to date procedures and the latest technology available. Their clinics are quickly growing from their Arizona base to locations nationwide. As the landscape of medicine has evolved and new challenges have emerged, CICC has continued to be the leader in minimally invasive interventional care.

Fold Studios was tasked with transforming the world of jargon and technical expertise into a story that people could connect with. What better way to do this, than by talking with the patients themselves about their great experiences? By showcasing the success of CICC's care through their patients, CICC is showcased as a provider that puts their patients first - providing effective and purposeful medical care.

CICC partnering with Fold Studios represents a new kind of medical advertising. Medical marketing is no longer about fake smiles and stock footage in thirty seconds, but instead customers want to know that their doctors are experts that care about them as people. 

"My son is 11 and has one (Tumor) attached to his voice box."

(-Social Media Viewer)

"I'm sorry to hear that. If you want to Message me, I'd be happy to discuss.

(-Dr, Aaon frodsham cicc)

**Conversations taking place after audiences have viewed the content**

Client: Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers

Use: Web, Social Media, Live Event, Promotional