Colin Allred is a civil rights attorney and Dallas native who is running to represent Texas’ 32nd District. Starting his career in the NFL, his true passion is in public service. Inspired by the many grassroots voices that stepped forward to defend common values since the 2016 election, Colin is running for Congress to stand up for everyone in his community. 

Fold Studios was called upon by heavy-hitter political strategy firms, who have worked with the likes of President Obama and Hilary Clinton, to help Colin's announcement look as professional and personal as possible. 270 Strategies and AKPD Message and Media found Fold Studios to be the perfect partner to jump-start Colin's campaign.

Our goal was to allow the viewer to get to know Colin as he truly is: a genuine and personable person that cares about issues affecting his community. Through the telling of his personal story and footage that depicts a grassroots movement, we accomplished our goal. 

"Thanks so much for all your work on this! Colin loves your product, and I know we do too. I know that we would definitely love to work with you again."

- Andrew Godinich, 270 Strategies

Client: Colin Allred for Congress

Use: Promotional, Web, Social Media, Fundraising

Additional Collaborators:

Concept: 270 Strategies

Script and Post Production: AKPD Message and Media

Photography: Jeyson Paez