We wanted to tell the story of Craft Deck in a way that resonated with young creators. They needed to feel understood, supported and empowered while also understanding the premise of the business. Through examples and a straight-forward introduction to the business, we created just that.

Craft Deck is an online start-up that provides opportunity for artists to connect with one another and potential clients based in the communities they live. With a new way to connect craftsmen and women with the people who want their services, Craft Deck gives creatives the ability to make a living doing what they love.

Being creatives ourselves, this was a project we could really get behind. We love seeing creativity, culture and artists encouraged and empowered by the corporate sector. Craft Deck was speaking directly to that initiative and we were more than happy to partner with them to help promote their new online business.

"We are all blown away by your work. Thanks again...You rock!"

- Michael Stilwell, Founder of Craft Deck

Client: Craft Deck

Use: Promotional, Web, Social Media, Informational