Doxa Theo is a modern liturgical band, founded by Will Retherford with members that live across the country. Their work is always a collaboration between various artists and hopes to bring real and honest conversations about faith and how it intertwines itself with life.

Fold Studios was tasked with creating two separate lyric videos for Doxa Theo. One was "Family" that focused on recent racially charged conversations in regards to police violence. The other was "Doxology", an ancient Christian prayer set to a modern context and styling.

We wanted to make each topic come alive. By overlaying footage, we were able to create pieces that felt like they were living and breathing - intertwined with the song and lyrics.

"Wow. this brought tears to my eyes."

-Will Retherford, Lead Vox (Doxa Theo)

Client: Doxa Theo

Use: Promotional, Web, Social Media