Native American populations show almost twice as many cases of Diabetes and Peripheral Artry Disease (PAD) than other populations. First Nations Limb Preservation Foundation was formed and founded to change these outcomes and drastically reduce the number of critical limb amputations in the Native American Population.

We packed our gear onto horseback and traveled into remote areas of the Navajo Nation in order to tell the story of an overlooked population. With a culture that places the highest value on the natural body facing a health crisis, we stepped in to help bring awareness and change. From this, medical personnel on and off the reservation are acting to bring an end to the crisis.

Awareness, education and dignity are a few things that we aimed to bring to the table through our work with FNLPF. Partnering with FNLPF was an honor and we're proud to be a very small part of bringing an end to and epidemic that is ravaging an underserved population.

"You had a large room, full of some of the best podiatrists in the nation, giving a standing ovation at the end of these videos. You guys nailed it."

- Spencer Brannan, Development Director (FNLPF)

Client: First Nations Limb Preservation Foundation

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