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 When it comes to creating a positive impact, you need to tell stories excellently. That’s why mission-oriented organizations rely on Fold Studios as their video partner. We’ve worked with non-profits, foundations and N.G.O’s with international impact to craft compelling stories, create movements, garner support and impact the world. We’ve even helped activists get elected to the United States Congress to shape policy around the world. Let’s dream and implement good together.


Colin Allred For Congress

Fold Studios handled the production side of Colin Allred’s Campaign Announcement Video, jump-starting his campaign to unseat an 11-term sitting congressman. Spoiler Alert: He won.

Fold Studios was called upon by heavy-hitter political strategy firms, who have worked with the likes of President Obama and Hilary Clinton, to help Colin Allred’s Campaign Announcement look as professional and personal as possible. We were tasked with the production of this spot - capturing the right moments with excellence to tell Colin’s story. 270 Strategies and AKPD Message and Media found Fold Studios to be the perfect partner to jump-start Colin's campaign.

With 764 shares, 136,000 views and 3,000 comments, this video did the trick and lead this civil rights attorney all the way to The United States Congress.


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First Nations Limb Preservation Foundation

We handled all aspects of this informative and inspiring film, to call on medical professionals and the general public to address the crisis of diabetes and amputations in the first nations population.

We packed our gear onto horseback and traveled into remote areas of the Navajo Nation in order to tell the story of an overlooked population. With a culture that places the highest value on the natural body facing a health crisis, we stepped in to help bring awareness and change. From this, medical personnel on and off the reservation are acting to bring an end to the crisis.




A non-profit that encourages and cultivates artists in the Dallas area needed an overview video to educate the public, draw new people to join and inspire donors to support.

With a mission to "Cultivate Creativity for the Common Good," Art House Dallas is a non-profit that aims to inspire everyone to live more imaginative meaningful lives. They accomplish this through their programs, curated events, community partnerships and artist care. Art House Dallas wanted an engaging video that would appeal to both creatives and donors that could give an overview of the organization. Second, they wanted four vignettes of a few of the individuals that make up the larger whole of the tight-knit community.

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Now that your creative juices are flowing and ideas are churning, you’re probably wondering how all of this works. We make it easy for you to get the video tools you need. Whether it is a contract over a period of time or one-off videos, we can tailor your experience to your desires.

With Fold Studios you get a boutique and personal feel with the highest level of professional output.