Mission Community Church is a christian church based in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ. and has around 4,500 people in attendance each weekend. The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 serves as their "starting point", and today, continues to be the focal point of their Church’s mission, vision and strategy. Their mission often needs supplemental media from Fold Studios.

Fold Studios is often asked  to create Mission's more conceptual and narrative-focused media. Whether it is promotion for events or writing and creating an entire short film, Fold Studios has partnered with MISSION on a wide variety of projects. With videos reaching 27,000 people on social media, the church is equipped to further their mission.

How do you tell a complex story that spans 15 years in under four minutes? That was the challenge the ReGift film presented us. Where do we let the piece breathe for emotional impact and where do we trim the fat to get the point across? In the end, they were thrilled with the inspirational  and effective outcome.

"This looks great - all parties are thrilled. Great job! You guys nailed this one."

- Nick Asolas, Communications Director at Mission Community Church

Client: Mission Community Church

Use: Internal, Live Event, Promotional, Fundraising, Charity, Non-Profit Organization

Additional Collaborators:

1st AD, 1st AC: Matthew Rowley

Sound Engineer: Blake Cartrite

Animation: Isaac Taleno

Design: Travis Chavez

Talent: Jonathan Scott, Theresa Rowley, Ethan Worsham,