We knew an aggressive sound had to be matched with aggressive visuals. With the chant of: "No retreat, there's nothing behind me. We have no choice, we'll never surrender," as our inspiration we created a fitting narrative. The band would perform in the graveyard of cars and overgrown twisted metal while the viewer sees flashes of the night before. Complete with tear gas and a staged riot in the downtown of a major U.S. city, this project was more fun than most 9 to 5's.

If you had to ascribe only one attribute to the aggressive rock band Project 86, it would be staying-power. The band, hailing from Southern California, have just celebrated their 20th anniversary and their energy level is still at high as they continue to perform and write new music. That's why when Fold Studios was approached to film a music video for the title track of their newest album, "Knives to the Future", we knew we were in for a fun ride.

From filming in a junkyard outside of Pittsburgh to the downtown streets of Phoenix, this project hinged upon finding the right locations to illustrate a post-apocalyptic narrative. After all, sloshing through the mud and getting a few cuts from jagged car parts is the only way to shoot a heavy-metal music video.

"As a 15 year long fan, I'm continually amazed at what these guys put out - past and present."

-Project 86 fan in response to the music video

Client: Project 86

Use: Music Video, Promotional, Artist Development, Web, Television