After interviewing a majority of the staff, capturing footage in their collaborative work environment and filming on location at the completed projects, the Fold team took the footage into the editing bay. What surfaced was an honest and interesting look into an architecture firm that sincerely wants to invest in their community and the lives of their co-workers.

SH Architecture is a firm that has recently reached its 30th year of doing business in and around Las Vegas, NV. The firm wanted to emphasize their genuine care for people and show how their architecture is a manifestation of it. Through showcasing their excellent work and sincere interviews - the firm was sure to have a marketable story.

For SH Architecture we took hours of interview footage and condensed it into a single narrative arc. This resulted in each employee being featured in the film while maintaining a cohesive story. With illustrative footage that highlighted the design excellence the firm has come to be known for, the firm found itself with a representative and exciting marketing piece.

"that looks really good - GREAT JOB! We have really enjoyed working with you"

- Chip Allison, Producer at Monomyth Studios

Client: SH Architecture / Monomyth Studios

Use: Promotional, Commercial, Web, Marketing, Informational

Additional Collaborators:

Producers & Aerial Footage: Monomyth Studios