Strangetowne is a surly and soulful band hailing from the dusty West Texas. With passionate vocals, masterful instrumentation and meaningful lyrics, the group has brought a new taste of music to Texas. With an eye for simplicity and tastefulness, the band wanted a takeaway show video to share with their fans.

Fold Studios met the band backstage, had a beer and then got to shooting this simple takeaway show. We wanted to keep the viewer engaged with the music - no editing cuts, just one camera and the performers. The result was an intimate video with the band backstage - allowing their viewers to watch their raw talent.

Simplicity is something that makes Strangetowne so great. They are straightforward and passionate. We wanted our cinematography to reflect their contagious soul. What better way to do that than with one take and one camera?

"This is great, guys. Thank you so much."

-Lincoln Youree, Lead Vox (Strangetowne)

Client: Strangetowne

Use: Promotional, Web, Social Media