Our friends in The Brilliance have a partnership with Fold Studios to create numerous campaigns consisting of video, photo, copy and strategic implementation. We've held the creative reins of different mediums and platforms so that they can focus on what they do best: write and play music. With our creative forces combined and our close-knit understanding of the band's goals, we have quickly seen the band gather both an international voice and following.

The Brilliance is made up of duo David Gungor and John Arndt. The two compose an inspired and unique approach to modern songwriting. Sweeping piano accompanied by lush orchestral arrangements meld seamlessly with the deliberate and punchy sounds of modern programming. The Brilliance does not leave the complexity to their instruments only, but with a poignant perspective, the lyrics and melodies capture the listener - inviting them into a life of mindfulness and positive action.

Partnering with The Brilliance as a campaign client means that we think about how to get the band the most bang for their buck. If we're together creating a video, why would we not also take photographs? If we're planning the message behind a new music release, why would we not talk about how to present the content effectively and write the copy? 

"Fold Studio's creativity and resourcefulness has helped our band move forward to better opportunities. We love our continual working relationship with these guys."

-David Gungor, Lead Singer of The Brilliance


Client: The Brilliance

Use: Campaigns (Video, Photo, Copy), Web, Promotional, Live Event, Television

Additional Collaborators:

2nd Cameras: Hayden Hoyl, Will Fryar