Good Friday to Easter - A Minimalist Take

When Phoenix area Sun Valley Community Church came to us and asked us to create a narrative depicting the story of Christ's death and resurrection, a few things went through our minds:

1. We need to avoid cheesy drama.

2. How can we execute this in a unique and respectful way?

We landed on the mantra: "Less is more." We wanted the story to breathe, have texture, be abstract and at the same time concrete. This manifested in a minimalist approach oftentimes resulting in one subject paired with one texture: an arm on concrete, fabric in the wind, a rope on skin. 

We were most excited about the shots with an implied cross. The viewer doesn't need to see the body with the cross, to understand the implications of the action on-screen.

The results were breathtaking:


Check out this before and after, showcasing the way Fold Studios uses some movie magic to get the perfect image:


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Written and Directed: Michael Rowley
Produced by: Daniel Laabs
Cinematography: Judd Myers
Gaffer and Talent: Michael Clouser
Grip and Swing: Christian Vasquez