Fold Studios was able to weave slick motion graphics into illustrative B-roll in a way that informs the viewer that Truno does "more than just point-of-sale" technology. Instead, we were able to position them as a whole-store innovative solution.

"Truno is the national leader in integrated technology solutions focused on the retail industry." So when their marketing team at Primitive Social needed a video for their annual conference, they turned to Fold Studios.

We wanted to illustrate how running a grocery store is an extremely busy and detail-oriented task, while at the same time showing how Truno technology has it all under control for their customers.

Working with Fold Studios went smoothly, but it wasn’t because there weren’t challenges. They navigated a frantic project and delivered a stellar product on time, on budget, and exceeded the client’s expectations.

- Jonathan Scott, Creative Director (Primitive Social)

Client: Truno / Primitive Social

Use: Promotional, Web, Social Media

Additional Collaborators:

Animation: Nate Pfeil